Sunday, April 8, 2007

Morrisville VA

On Route 17 going north from I-95, there are several signs giving the mileage to Morrisville, Virginia. I finally decided to see what was at Morrisville that warranted such notice by the Virginia Department of Transportation. I drove there only to discover that Morrisville is little more than the proverbial wide spot in the road. Have I missed something? I even turned off onto Morrisville Road, thinking it would lead to something more than what I saw on Route 17, but it turned out to be a loop leading back to Route 17.

I googled the city and state names but learned little. There was apparently a skirmish near Morrisville during the Civil War, but given the location, that is hardly surprising.

I shall continue to seek an answer to the question of why there are so many mileage signs for Morrisville. There must be a reason.


Stacy said...

Maybe it has it's own road sign because Franklin mine is located right near Morrisville??? Sometimes known as Deep Run Mine, it was the first mine in Fauquier county, opened in 1825.

Carolyn said...

See the blog entry dated February 6, 2008 for an explanation of the importance of Morrisville, Virginia.