Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jane Beale house

Another Fredericksburg diarist was Jane Beale who lived at 307 Lewis Street. Here is her house as it appears today, in 2008. Jane's diary spans the years 1850 to 1862.


monix said...

Can we look forward to another transcription?

Carolyn said...

Jane Beale's diary was published by the Historic Fredericksburg Foundation. At least I believe it was HFF that published it. The copy I have does not have a page with publication information in it. There is no ISBN, but it does appear from time to time in used book listings on line.

I am planning a drive to Richmond, Virginia during the week of October 20th to take a look at the diary and letters of Betty's sister-in-law Susan Crutchfield Maury, wife of Betty's brother Dick. Also, I understand that the diary of Betty's Uncle Brodie Herndon has been published, and I'm looking for a copy of that. I know a copy is in the library at the University of Virginia, so it might be that I will be driving to Charlottesville during the week of the 20th as well.