Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Charles and Ann Hite McGruder

Finally I have found the McGruders' graves at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia. I went looking for them once before but without success. I was hoping to get more information about the McGruders from the gravestones, but unfortunately the stone(s) were so worn I could not read a word. I know I found the right place, for I had the Section and Lot identifiers (Section K, Lot 44) from the cemetery's web site; and there was another McGruder buried in the same lot whose name I could read.

Charles and Ann Hite (Maury) McGruder were relatives with whom Betty and Will Maury stayed in 1861-2. They lived in Henrico County, Virginia, which is next to Richmond. In February 1862 the McGruders told Betty and Will that they must leave and live somewhere else. According to Betty, the McGruders offered no explanation for the eviction.

I have not had much success in learning more about the McGruders. They apparently had no children, so genealogical research has yielded no results other than to tell me the names of Charles McGruder's parents. I know more about Ann, as she was a Maury by birth, but that doesn't tell me anything about what happened to her and her husband after the Civil War.

I'm not quite sure who this Mary L. McGruder is. The dates of birth and death are wrong for it to be Charles' mother, Mary Mallory (Woolfolk), who was born in 1799 and who died in 1833.
Perhaps Charles' father, Sublett B. McGruder (1781-1853) married again after the death of Charles' mother. It won't have much, if any, impact on the Maury family history, but my curiosity is aroused and I will try to track it down at some point.

And I want to express my gratitude to the man and woman at Hollywood Cemetery today who took the time to help me locate the McGruders' graves. Thank you!

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