Saturday, February 23, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - August 31, 1861

Saturday 31st [August 1861]

I am afraid there is no chance of getting my trunk. Every thing and every body that leaves Washington is searched and examined.

I am not at all reconciled to the idea of losing all my good and handsome clothes. I never expect to have another velvet cloak. Have not a single thick dress here except an old brown silk that I have turned and trimmed round the bottom with a black satin puffing. It looks very nice and will be my Sunday dress.

Every thing in the South in the way of dry goods and groceries are very high and continue to increase in price. Sugar is twenty five cents per pound and tea $2.50. Cotton is twelve cents a spool.

However grain, meat and vetetables are reasonable in price and we can do without tea and coffe until we whip the Yankees.

Sent supper to five sick soldiers last night.

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