Wednesday, February 6, 2008


A short break from the Diary of Betty Herndon Maury.

A while back I wrote about Morrisville, Virginia, wondering why there were so many signs on Rt. 17 saying "miles to Morrisville". I drove to Morrisville several times trying to figure out what was there that required so many signs saying how much farther it was to Morrisville. Now I have an answer, courtesy of John Puckett:

"I understand your confusion at finding Morrisville just a wide spot in the road, but there is significance to the village. Fauquier County was formed out of Prince William County in 1759. At this time Fauquier’s population formed around Elk Run Church just a few miles from the main route from Falmouth and Fredricksburg. The first Court of Fauquier County meet near the junction of March Road (#17) and Frogg’s Road (#806) and Morrisville was the first county seat. Later the courthouse was moved north to a more central location of the county (Warrenton)."

Thank you, John!

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