Friday, September 19, 2008

Ebbitt House - Washington DC

In the memoirs of William Arden Maury, Collections and Recollections, he mentions that he and his family lived at The Ebbitt House. He doesn't say when they lived there, other than to say "After coming back to live in Washington . . ." It seems that this is where he and Betty lived after the Civil War, although I have not yet been able to document when they returned to Washington. The Ebbitt House was located at 14th and F Streets Northwest, now occupied by the National Press Club. They later moved to 1767 Massachusetts Avenue, a house which was razed in the 1920s to be replaced by office buildings.


Carolyn said...

See entry for October 7, 2008 in which I relate information from the obituary for Betty in the Richmond Dispatch which reports that Will and Betty returned to Washington in 1878.

Stacy said...

Hi Betty,

I think they may have returned to DC in 1874. I just read in a book that he was "a professor of law at Richmond College for two years before returning to his home in Washington, DC". Book also states he joined the RC school of law as a professor in 1872.

Book is "Legal Education in Virginia, 1779-1979", by Hamilton Bryson, a law professor at University of Richmond School of Law.