Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ellen Herndon Arthur - Betty's cousin

Ellen Lewis (Herndon) Arthur was Betty Herndon Maury's cousin. Ellen's father (William Lewis Herndon) and Betty's mother (Ann Hull (Herndon) Maury) were brother and sister. Ellen married Chester Alan Arthur in 1859. Chester Alan Arthur became 21st President of the United States in 1881 following the death of President James Garfield. In 1882, President Arthur appointed Betty's husband, William Arden Maury, Assistant Attorney General.

Ellen Herndon Arthur

Chester Alan Arthur in 1859

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Ray Rodrigues said...

Do you know who owns the rights to this photo of Chester Allen Arthur? The Pownal Historical Society is collecting old photos for a publication during its 250th anniversary next year, and since he taught in North Pownal, we'd like to include an early photo of him.