Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - February 12, 1863

February 12th [1863]

We have received letters from Papa from London of dates to the 20th December [1862]. He did send us a large case of goods by the Princess Royal. It cost between three and four hundred dollars in gold and is worth nearly four times as much in our money. If we had lost as much two years ago I would have thought it a great calamity but now we see and feel so much real trouble that we cannot let the loss of a few dollars trouble us much especially when we hear that all of our dear ones are safe and well. The loss will fall heaviest on Papa. Many of the things were Christmas gifts from him. Bless his heart. I think more of his disappointment than of ours. He writes in low spirits does not know where we all are, has not heard from home since he left – and sees no prospect of his return before the end of the war. He seems to be full of anxiety about Dick and Dave. Says he has no fears as to their gallantry in their devotion to the cause but that he does feel nervously anxious about their personal welfare.

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