Sunday, August 3, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - January 31, 1863

January 31st [1863]

Mrs. De Jarnette of Caroline has been on a visit to Washington (saw the blockade of the Rappa[ha]nnock at night) and through the influence of some Yankee friends was allowed to return with a quantity of baggage!! She brought a trunk from Mother containing things for cousin Sally, cousin Martha and myself. There were 25 pairs of shoes in the trunk and about twenty dresses and many other things too numerous to mention We sent mother lists of what we most needed last summer and she has just been able to get us the things. She sent Nannie Belle a Christmas gift of the most beautiful crying doll I ever saw. It was dressed in white with red ribbon trimmings and red shoes and a red riding hood on.

Judge Hallyburton has allowed Will two thousand dollars for his services as Receiver while he was in Fredericksburg. It is a great comfort to feel that we have that much ahead and owe no man anything.

We see through the Yankee papers that Papa and Matsy have reached England in safety. I miss Papa so much. I miss his [crossed out: presence] guiding influence and advice in the family even though we were not always with him.

Cousin Lewis, and several other Navy officers have been sent to England, we believe to take command of the vessels that our Government is fitting out there.

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