Saturday, August 2, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - January 30, 1863

January 30th [1863]

Mama and the children are boarding at the Old Mansion with Mr. White. Cousin Sally [crossed out: and the children] is there too.

I’ve been very busy lately getting some of Mama’s furniture down from Fredericksburg and trying to fix up our room more comfortably. We have the back parlour and cousin Hite had no chamber furniture to put in it except a bedstead and washstand. I have added a bureau, wardrobe, lounge and some other little things which make it look much more comfortable and home like.

If I live until next May I expect to have another little baby. Cousin Hite has been very kind in expressing her willingness to have me here then and to do what she can for me. I told her how grateful I felt and how highly I appreciated her kindness.

Our board here is two hundred dollars a month!! but that is less than we would have to pay at any boarding house in town.

I do not know where the money is to come from to meet all our additional expenses in the spring. But the Lord will provide I feel sure. Will gets a little employment here sometimes through his friend Mr. Ould but nothing permanent or constant.

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