Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Chimneys at 623 Caroline Street, home of Brodie Herndon, Betty's uncle.

Thursday [ 17 October 1861]

There have been many reports about the battery at Evansport upon which we depended to stop the navigation of the Potomac. It has been opened and vessels have passed up and down since. Some say it is entirely inefficient, others that the range of the guns has not yet been adjusted, and the gunners want practice. And others that the main battery close to the river has not yet been opened.

Got a letter from Cousin Jack [Minor] yesterday. He has made one trial but had a drunken pilot and could not find the ship. He kept his batteries however and means to try again.

Spent yesterday evening at Uncle Brodie’s. Parker has come and brought her baby only six weeks old. She has come to Nanny Herndon’s wedding. Our Dick and Sue Crutchfield are to be married next Tuesday (if he can get leave) and Nanny will be married on Wednesday.

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