Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - October 22, 1861

Tuesday [22 October 1861]

Dick's wedding day and he is not here! How entirely the condition of the country changes every thing. Six months ago a gentleman who failed to keep such an engagement would have been forever disgraced. Now it is scarcely a matter of comment.

Sue was here yesterday and read us a letter from Dick. Said he had applied some days before for leave to be married, but was sure now that he could not get it, and even if he could he would not leave at this critical juncture when a battle is expected every day.

I am sorry he applied for leave.

There are grand preparations going on for the wedding at uncle Brodie’s. Mr. George Mercer, the groom, arrived yesterday. He is stationed near Savannah and has a months furlough.

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