Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - September 27, 1861

Friday [27 September 1861]

There is still some hope of Will’s getting the office. The Judge has appointed Mr. Chew but is of opinion that he cannot hold that and the office of Clerk of the courts here too. Mr. Chew had rather give up the new office than the old one. He has gone down to Richmond this morning to see about it, and if he has to decline the Receivership, a strong petition will be sent from here asking that it may be given to Will. I pray that he may get it, but I am afraid to be very hopeful.

Cousin Charles came up night before last to see about it for Will. He left this morning with a petition and two strong letters, letters be used if Mr. C declines.

Papa is coming up tonight.

We put down two carpets yesterday and are fixing up the house so nice that Mama will not know it when she comes.

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