Sunday, March 9, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - September 30, 1861

Monday September 30th [1861]

Have been too busy to write lately. Mama is coming tomorrow and we have had a great deal to do in getting things ready for her.

Papa came up Friday and stayed two days with us. He brought my trunk!!!

Mrs Senator Morton brought it from Washington. She was sent across from Fortress Monroe under a flag of truce. My dear old trunk had every thing in it that I had written for and Mother had thought of many little things that I needed besides. Such as needles, cotton, silk, tape & &.

It was elegantly packed and Mother had hid Nanny’s portraits of Papa and Mama way up in the skirt of one of my dresses for fear the trunk might be searched and Pa’s pictures recognized.

Cousin Charles had heard it was his trunk and was much disappointed about it. However there were many of his clothes in with mine.
I was so thankful to get it for I had given it up for lost.

Papa has been writing a letter lately to England, France and Holland giving an account of our National difficulties from the Southern side. They only see the Northern accounts. It is said to be a very able letter but I am rather disappointed in it. He brought it up for Nanny and my self each to make a copy. It was thirty pages long and we have just finished. Commissioner Mason is to take them over when he goes. Papa says he reckons he will have to swim across.

WE have had another victory at Lexington Missouri.

Hurrah! Will has been appointed Receiver for this District. I got a telegram this morning saying “I have succeeded.” I hope he will be able to fulfill the duties of the office ably and entirely.

I want to see him very much.

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