Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - September 20, 1861

Friday [20 September 1861]

Got a letter from Dick. He says that the 24th regiment has no field officers and therefore he, as Major, finds himself in command! The Col had been promoted. The Lieut Col’ was absent on leave and the Major had resigned in disgust. I know Dick will do his best, but he is so young and has so little military experience. God help him. I cannot help thinking it was a most injudicious appointment.

The Yankees are fitting out a secret expedition. It is suspected to be against the Rappannock. Cary’s regiment has been ordered down to Middlesex, on the left bank of the river.

Fanny, our servant that ran away three months ago, came back last night of her own
accord. She refuses still to appologize to Nanny for her misconduct. Says she wants to be sold or hired out.

Will wants to bring Bob and Dr. Young here!!!

Papa talks of bringing the family back.