Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - July 7, 1862

Monday 7th July [1862]

Much to my surprise and pleasure my dear brother Dick arrived here yesterday morning. He left Richmond with Nanny and Molly. They have gone on to Fredericksburg with D's servant. Dick will wait here until he hears where Sue is, and whether she will come down and be married here. If she is in Fredericksburg I am sure she will come. There is a probability of her having gone to Albemarle as she heard D was there a week ago.

Dick's wound is healing though he is still very helpless. I dress his arm and cut up his meals.

I cannot help feeling anxious about Will and Dick being so near the enemy picketts. If the authorities in Fredericksburg hear that Major Maury is here they may send down a party to capture him and Will. They slept out in the woods last night so as to be able to make their escape if the Yankees should come. Papa thinks that they are running a great risk to venture so far out of our lines.

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