Thursday, June 26, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - July 9, 1862

Wednesday 9th July [1862]

Heard yesterday that the Yankees had been within seven miles of us the night before. We persuaded Will and Dick to leave yesterday evening. If Sue comes I am to take her up to Albemarle to Dick. I think she must be there now or she would have been here ere this.

Will has gone back to Richmond to that most disheartening of all occupations, waiting and waiting and trying to get something to do. But I will not complain, so many blessings have been granted us lately. We have passed a happy, happy ten days together and ought to feel strengthened and elevated and ready for the work set before us.

Uncle Jourdan is a kind good friend. He insists that I shall stay here until we can see our way a little clearer.

McClellan with the remains of his army is at Sandy Point, at the junction of the Chickahominy and James rivers, is protected by his gun boats on two sides and is receiving reinforcements. He certainly must be the greatest liar that ever lived. He tells the Yankee nation that he has accomplished a most difficult and daring undertaking – that he has changed his base of operations in the face of the enemy and driven him back at every encounter!!!

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