Thursday, June 19, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - June 28, 1862

Saturday 28th June [1862]

Uncle Jourdan's

Here I am at last safe and sound with my dear husband. Oh! how thankful I am to be with him again once more. Had many difficulties and adventures in getting here. Left Mr. White's Thursday afternoon, but when we reached the Matapony [Mattaponi] -- a distance of seventeen miles -- we found that it was impossible to ford it. Willy White and I concluded that we would have to ask for the hospitality of some of the people in the neighborhood for the night. We disliked it very much for they were all strangers to us. However Mr. Gravitt received us most kindly and hospitably. Found a party of gentlemen there who had been waiting for two days to cross the river. They were on their way to Maryland to get arms and percussion caps for our army.

Spent a very pleasant day at Mr. Gravitt's and forded the river in the afternoon in the Marylanders waggon. It was higher and safer than our buggy.

Will looks horrid in a dark calico shirt and a heavy beard.

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