Saturday, June 14, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - June 12, 1862

Thursday 12th June [1862]

Jackson is doing great things. He has whipped three of the Yankee Generals on three successive days. Windham, Fremont, and Shields on the 7th, 8th, & 9th. He is somewhere between Winchester and Staunton. We get our information from the Yankee papers and they give a very subdued and confused account of things. Say that they were outnumbered five to one – had to retire &c. &c. And we interpret it that they were well whipped.

Memphis is in the hands of the enemy and they say that Charleston and Savannah are too. Do not know whether it is true.

When the enemy first came here we put all of our silver, including the New York service presented to Papa, at Mr. Goolrick’s, the English Vice Consul, that it might be under the protection of the British flag. Since our new military governor came the house has been searched and the flag and several boxes taken away. Fortunately ours escaped them. Nanny and I went there to day opened the box and smuggled the contents away under our shawls and in a basket. They were informed by a negro woman. The Governor says that Mr. G is not an authorized Vice Consul.

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