Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - May 22, 1862

Thursday 22nd [May 1862]

Received a long letter from my dear husband yesterday, of the 14th, telling me of Tom's safe arrival in Richmond, and of his adventures while in the enemy's lines. After the battle at Williamsburg Tom went, with several other surgeons, under a flag of truce to attend to our wounded that had fallen into the enemy's hands. He was treated with great courtesy and took several juleps with Gen' McClelland who sent his love to Cousin Dabney Maury. A Yankee General (Hancock) told Tom that "Immortality" ought to be inscribed upon the banner of the 24th Va. (Dick's) and the 5th N.C. for their great bravery in that charge.

Nannie Belle was playing on the pavement yesterday evening when a soldier accosted her and asked if she would not go down the street with him and let him buy her some candy. She replied "No I thank you. Yankee candy would choke me." He seemed much amused.

Two soldiers are now tied back to back to a tree in front of the Court House with a board over their heads on which is written "For entering private houses without orders."

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