Sunday, July 6, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - August 2, 1862

Saturday August 2nd [1862]

Jourdan Roper came down last night with his father’s horses. The Yankees were at the Bowling Green. Early this morning Mr. John William prepared to start with twenty five of the best negroes and some of the horses. He told the servants he was going to take them to Hanover and sent them to get their clothes. But while we were at breakfast every one ran off. It is touching to see the distress of those that remain. Patsy’s only son, and all of Dunmore’s children left. He was sent out this morning to try to find them, and tell them to come back, that their master would not send them away. He returned this evening and told us, with the tears streaming down his cheeks, that he could not find one. Three of the women left young babies. There are nine little children left motherless.

Two of the servants came back since night. The rest we suppose have gone to the Yankees. Mrs. John William tracked them above the Bowling Green.

We have heard no more of the Yankees.

Got a letter from Mr. Maury yesterday evening. Papa and Mama are in Richmond. They are very uneasy about the rest of the family in Fredericksburg since Gen’ Pope’s order. Papa wants to get them away from there. He has written to Gen’ McClellan about it.

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