Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - September 18, 1862

Thanksgiving Day, September 18, 1862
For more on why this day was called Thanksgiving Day, see Presidential Thanksgiving Proclamations.

[A newspaper clipping has been pasted in the diary here but is unreadable in the copy the transcriber is working from.]

Since our President issued this eloquent proclamation we have still more to be thankful for. On Monday the 15th eight thousand of the enemy surrendered at Harpers Ferry. We have taken that place with all the arms ammunition, commissary and ordnance stores accumulated there.

[ The following sentence was crossed out in the original: God be praised. We have driven all the Yankees out of Virginia except a few in the "Pan handle".]


Nathan said...

Looks like the Confederate thanksgiving was 18 Sept 1862, with the proclamation made on the 4th.

Neat stuff!

Carolyn Carpenter said...

Thank you, Nathan! Carolyn Carpenter