Monday, July 14, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - August 31, 1862

Sunday August 31st [1862]

Papa writes me, as a profound secret, that he is going abroad as soon as he gets his children out of Fredericksburg. He wants no one to know it until he is gone, for fear the Yankees will catch him. He talks of taking Matsy with him. I hope he will take me. I can be of more service.

I fear the children will not be able to get out of Fredericksburg.

I’ve been deep in the mysteries of wool dying, spinning and weaving lately. Am trying to have the cloth made for a suit of winter clothes for Mr. Maury.

Cousin Anne Morris says she would like to see Mother’s shocked look when he makes his appearances in Washington in a home spun suit and a home made hat. Aunt Betsy replied “Well she oughtn’t to look shocked, she ought to think he has a jewel of a wife to be able to turn her hand to such things when necessary.”

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