Thursday, July 3, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - July 27, 1862

Uncle Jourdan’s Sunday July 27th [1862]

Aunt Betsy, Nannie Belle and I went to Dr. Morris’s last Tuesday. I went on to Richmond to bring Mr. Maury back that we might make a little visit together. I took him completely by surprise. He did not know me. The day after my arrival in Richmond we heard that the enemy had made another raid upon the Central Road and had sent a scouting party to within a few miles of Dr. Morris’s. Mr. Maury thought it would be running a risk for him to go to that neighbourhood, so he persuaded me to stay with him ‘till Friday.

Cousin Lucy P. returned to Dr. Morris’s with me and we all came back here to day.

Had to cross a river in a little row boat on my way down to Richmond. When we got to the river we found that the boat was on the other side. So Mr. Williamson (to whom I had just been introduced) requested me to go back into the woods while he swam across and got it. I did so, and he called me when he was ready.

Papa only got off to Albemarle last Monday. He has been detained in Richmond on a Court Martial. I was much disappointed not to see him . . . but comforted myself by thinking what a happy time he and Mama and Mr. & Mrs. “Major” are having together.

Dick and Sue were married on the 17th. They had great trouble about the license. D. had to send his servant up to Fredericksburg to get her guardians certificate that she was of age before he could get it.

Lincoln has appointed Gen’ Pope as commander in chief of all the forces around Fredericksburg and in the Valley of Virginia.

The ladies of Fredericksburg have sent eight hundred dollars to Richmond for the benefit of our wounded soldiers.

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