Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - October 11, 1862

Saturday October 11th [1862]

During the siege of Vicksburg our Commander wanted flannel cartridge bags for his big guns, they were useless without them. He sent to the stores but there was not a yard to be had. He then made an appeal to the men of the city to give their flannel shirts. The women heard of this and in a few hours had [crossed out many] several hundred cartridge bags ready, made of their flannel petticoats.

Received letters from Papa to day. He says they are to take out carrier pigeons, and if they get safely past the blockading squadron a paper with "all safe" on it will be tied round the necks of the birds, they will be let loose and will return to their cotes in the city.

Capt Steadman, our old neighbour and friend, commands the blockading squadron at Charleston.

A law has lately passed in Congress providing for a permanent Court martial for each of our armies. Will is applying for the appointment of Judge Advocate of one of them.

Have had another great battle at Corinth. It lasted three days, the 2nd, 3d, & 4th. We were defeated. Gen' Maury's Division suffered the most. No particulars are known yet. I wish we could hear from Johnny.

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