Saturday, January 5, 2008

Diary - July 9, 1861

Tuesday 9th [July 1861]

Read the U.S. Presidents message yesterday. He asks Congress for four hundred thousand (400,000) men and four hundred million (400,000,000) dollars to carry on the war. Wonder if he will get it?

Mr. Hill brought his company down last night to sing their Maryland camp song for us. They leave to day for Richmond, where they will be mustered into service.

Went to return a visit at Mr. Rog. Mason’s last night. Saw Sister Nanny and Capt Fields there, and Lieut. Collins. They are army officers – one a Kentuckian, the other a native of Pennsylvania. Both have resigned and are now in the service of the Confederate government. Those Mason girls are fortunate. five of them married army officers and every one of them have resigned and offered their services to the South.

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