Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - July 13, 1861

Saturday 13th [July 1861]

I know Pa is plotting some other dangerous schemes in which he intends to take a part. Oh! I wish he would see the thing as we do, as cousin Frank does that it is for him to do the head work, but beneath his dignity to carry such plans into execution.

Neither Jeff Davis or one of the Government officers offered the first word of remonstrance to Papa about periling his life in such an expedition as this last. They have old grudges against him I think and would be glad to put him out of their way. It is weak and wicked in them.

Thank goodness the certificate of aunt Eliza’s pension has been found. She sent it down here last Tuesday for Will to copy. He would not do it, but pitched it into my lap. Since then it has never been seen until this morning when it was found in the grate in Mama’s room. It is worth $300 per annum.

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