Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - July 22, 1861

Monday 22nd [July 1861]

All the cars were sent for last night to come at once to Richmond. We suppose they are to be put on the Central road to carry more troops to Manassas.

Papa, cousin Dabney and cousin Charles hurried off last night. in all probability there will not be another train for some days.

There was an officer here last night who was in the fight at Bull run. He says that the South Carolinians after firing threw down their muskets and charged with their bowie knives seizing the Yankees by the collar and cutting them down.

Papa saw a gentleman yesterday just from Washington. He said that many members of Congress and others went in carriages to see the fight last Thursday.

A company of five hundred cavalry are to pass through here to day on their way to Manassas. The Hampton Brigade of S. C.

12 pm

More news! More good news! Will has just come to tell me. The battle yesterday was more extensive than we thought. It extended along our whole line. The enemy are routed and we are in hot pursuit. Thank God, thank God. I hope it is all true. What would not I give to hear that they are now on Arlington Hights.

There was great loss on both sides, so the telegram runs. Is a victory worth the loss of so many of our good and brave men?

Shermans battery, their brag battery was taken at the point of the bayonet by our Lynchburg volunteers.

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