Saturday, January 19, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - July 17, 1861

Wednesday 17th [July 1861]

There is news of a most disastrous defeat in Western Virginia. General Garnett was attacked by Gen’ McClelland with a force that out-numbered ours four to one. General Garnett was killed.

The students at the University have gone into camp. Johnny is first lieutenant of a company and drills them seven hours a day.

We were talking with Papa about his expedition the other day. He said if those vessels had been blown up he would have been sorely tempted to pick up some of the poor men. Nanny asked him if he would have picked up 'Pender" (Capt Pendergrast) he replied "I should like to have seen him and asked him if he thought I was fit for active service now?" Capt P was one of that wicked Naval Board that turned Papa out of the Navy. He has never gotten over the mortification of that blow, feels it as keenly now as he did at first.

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