Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - April 13, 1862

[Sunday] April 13th, 1862

All of our forces have left except one Brigade commanded by Gen’ Field. They are here as out posts and scouts and expect to retire when ever the enemy come to take possession.

We have piles of tarred lumber all along the bridges ready to burn them when ever occasion requires it. There were two forts on this river but both have been dismantled.

Papa came up yesterday in an extra. It is his last visit I reckon..

It was Grant's army that Gen’ Beauregard whipped on the 6th. On the 7th Grant was reinforced by Gen’ Buell and after a short fight Beauregard retired to Corinth. They retook the stores that had been taken the day before. Beauregard has telegraphed to the Department for reinforcements. Gen’ Van Dorn joined him. Papa has had a telegram from cousin Dabney at Corinth on the 8.

We are expecting hourly to hear of a great battle at Yorktown. The enemy is one hundred and twenty thousand strong. Do not know how many troops we have. Nearly all of our Manassas army and the army from here are there. Dick and Sam are both there.

Dick has not been court martialed and has been released from arrest and resumed his command by order of Gen’ Joe Johnson. Gen’ J. commands our troops at Yorktown.

Nanny and Mr. Corbin are still at Farley Vale. Do not know what he is thinking about not to bring his servants away. It will be a severe loss to Papa as well as to him if he loses all there. Papa went security for him when he bought the farm and has been urging him to move the servants for the last two weeks.

I cannot help feeling hurt at Will’s determination to leave me here to the Yankees when I am willing to follow him every where. I think he will regret it.

Most of our army stores have been removed from here. Mr. Scott has a great many thousand dollars worth of cotton. They have been carrying that away to day.

Papa has ordered the boat yards on the Rappahannock to be abandoned. There is one here and one a few miles below. They are to destroy all they cannot take away.

Fort Pulaski near Savannah has fallen.

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