Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - March 24, 1862

Monday, March [24, 1862]

Papa came up yesterday. He looks very much depressed. He wants Mama and all of us women kind to make up our minds to stay here when the place is occupied by the Yankees, as everyone says it must be ere long. I am not willing to stay. Will expects to go into the army [before long - crossed out]. I want to be on the Southern side so that if anything happens to him or to Papa or any of our brothers I can go and nurse them and take care of them.

President Davis and Gen’ Johnson were here yesterday in consultation with Gen’ Holmes. They rode over the Stafford Hills. Wonder what they decided to do.

Gen’ Holmes said five thousand troops are being sent from here to North Carolina. Gen’ Smith is to supersede Gen’ H.

Mr. Corbin returned yesterday from his trip through the south to get ship carpenters for Papa. He has been made Lieutenant in the Navy.

We have heard nothing from Dick for three weeks. Do not know where he is, or whether he is still under arrest. Gen’ Early has got sober enough to see how frivolous the charges are which he brought against Dick and offered to let them drop. The first impulse of each of us was to refuse, but Papa says these are no times for a officer to be under arrest if he can help it, and has written to Dick to accept the offer.

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