Friday, May 23, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - May 4, 1862

Sunday May 4th [1862]

Gov Seward, Secretary Staunton and two or three Senators were in town yesterday evening with several Generals, McDowell among the number.

The enemy are building a second pontoon bridge above the old Chatham bridge.

Gen’ Van Ranseller was at church to day. He sat in the Mayor’s pew and the Mayor sat in the gallery.

Mr. Randolph has omitted the prayer for our President and for the success of our cause ever since the enemy have been here. Papa and Will say that such time serving is unworthy of the place and the people. I think there is something to be said on both sides.

Received letters yesterday. Johnny had gotten back safe. Papa says “Dave saw the Yankee pickets, and the Yankee pickets saw Dave. Dave ran from the Yankee pickets, and the Yankee pickets ran from Dave.” We hear this evening that our forces are evacuating Yorktown.

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