Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - April 30, 1862

Wednesday 30th April [1862]

Went down yesterday evening to see the bridge of canal boats that the Yankees are building at the lower wharf. The boats are laid close together side by side. The length of the boat being the width of the bridge. Eight boats are in place and it already reaches more than half way across the river. The soldiers on the bridge and the surrounding boats were shouting and talking to the colored men and women on the wharf.

The Generals made a requisition upon town yesterday for tools to build the car bridge. The mayor replied that as our authorities had seen fit to destroy the bridges we would not assist in building one.

There are several Artillery companies stationed on the hills above the bridge to protect it.

It is reported that New Orleans has fallen. Papa writes us that if it has not it soon will. It is only a question of time that New Orleans, Charleston, Savannah, Norfolk, Memphis, and all our towns situated on navigable waters, must fall. They cannot stand against the enemies iron clad boats.

Cousin Martha Maury is Treasurer of the Ladies Gun Boat Association of Richmond. She has upwards of ten thousand dollars. Molly raised twenty dollars at her school. The girls at Mr. Powells school made upwards of five hundred sand bags for the Government last Saturday and Easter Monday.

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