Monday, May 19, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - April 25, 1862

Friday 25th April [1862]

Five steam boats and twenty canal boats came up here this evening. We suppose the canal boats are to make a bridge of.

The negroes are going off in great numbers, and are beginning to be very independent and impudent. We hear that our three are going soon. I am afraid of the lawless Yankee soldiers, but that is nothing to my fear of the negroes if they should rise against us.

Mamsey came back yesterday. She left Farley Vale with Mr. Corbin on Friday and went to Richmond. Papa and Mr. C. induced her to come back here and stay with Mama. Mr. Corbin has been ordered to Norfolk. His arm is still in a sling.

Ten of Mr. Corbin’s servants ran off last Friday. The farm, servants, stock and all are now in the hands of the enemy.

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