Friday, May 16, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - April 19, 1862

Saturday, 19th [April 1862]

The truth must be told. Fredericksburg has surrendered to a force that is afraid to come and take it! The town raised three white flags, to show that they were trebly submissive I suppose.

I believe the town Council did send quite a spirited letter over with their flag of truce Saying that our army had retired [and - crossed out] they were forced to surrender and wanted to submit quietly, but that candour required them to state that the people were good and legal citizens of the state of Virginia and of the Confederate States.

Gen’ Augur told our Commissioner that he could make no terms with them and promised but little. Said that Gen’ McDowell was coming to command in person.

Some of our cavalry pickets came into town to day for a few minutes. Those who had letters ready gave them to them to mail at their camps. Thought they were Yankee horsemen when we first saw them.

We are going to write tonight to be ready in case any more should venture in.

The enemy have cannon planted on the hills commanding the town. No train or body of troops can come or go but individuals can leave easily.

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