Monday, April 14, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - December 1, 1861

Sunday [1 December 1861]

Nothing has transpired lately worthy of note. Our troops are preparing to go into winter quarters and we will probably have no more battles before the Spring.

Jimmy Herndon arrived here this morning much to our surprise and delight. He was a surgeon in the U.S. army and has been stationed at some post in the far West. He arrived in New York via California a few days ago, came down to Washington and sent in his resignation. It was not accepted and he was ordered to Arlington Heights. He left at once in a buggy for the banks of the lower Potomac. He travelled in a stage part of the way. His fellow travellers scarcely spoke a word. Each one was afraid of the others. When they all got out to walk up a hill one man, who was walking close to Jimmy said “What state are you from, Sir?” “No state sir, no state atall” was his reply. All right, said the man, “I came from that state myself.” [Note written along left edge of page: May 1862. That man was hung in Richmond as a spy a few days ago.]

Jim brought us a long letter from Mother. It was written on a piece of cambric and sewed between the out side and the lining of his vest.

She tells us that Doctor Butler no longer received a regular salary from his congregation. The pews are full, a collection is taken up every Sunday and all who go to hear him pay 6 ½ cts per sermon!

Rutson Maury has been arrested and sent to Fort Lafayette.

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