Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - January 18, 1862

Sunday 18th [January 1862]

Milly, Nanny’s good and faithful servant died this morning. Nanny is much distressed about it. She was devoted to N. Eliza and I have just made a cross of ivy leaves and laid it on her breast.

I cannot help feeling anxious about Nannie Belle. She is very nervous and excitable and is unchildlike in her distress when she hears of the death of any friend, talks about her getting sick and dying, and tells me that she cannot help thinking about it all the time. She is remarkably precocious & curious. Papa says I ought to be very careful with her and not teach her any thing or allow her to talk of things above her comprehension. She inquired of her father this morning how much money he had. He asked her why she wanted to know. She replied, “Because I want you to send some to the Charleston sufferers.” I am sure that was not her motive in asking but she is so quick and never at a loss for an answer.

Papa went to Richmond last week. Mr. Blackford, cousin Mary and Charley Minor are still here attending to the division of cousin John’s property.

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