Sunday, April 13, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - November 24, 1861

Sunday 24th [November 1861]

Papa came up last night. He is much disappointed at not getting the appropriation for the Steam Launch from the Virginia Convention. They have handed the matter over to the Confederate Government. Am afraid nothing will be done.

The Examiner comes out in a very bitter piece against Papa. Says he wants this appropriation of a million dollars to peculate with. The piece was written by Quinton Washington, Mr. Hunter’s private secretary. If I was a man I would horsewhip him.

Fontaine Maury, Nanny’s old sweetheart has been arrested and sent to Fort Lafayette.

It is just leaking out now that the fight at Port Royal entrance was a most disgraceful affair on our part.

The guns were so badly manned that all but two were dismounted by the mismanagement of our gunners. Two were dismounted at the first fire and after the second five were spiked by the jamming of the priming wire in the gun.

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