Thursday, April 24, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - January 23, 1862

Thursday 23d [January 1862]

Cousin Mary Blackford found among cousin John’s old papers to day a letter to her father, my great uncle General Minor, from a Dr. Smith of Williamsburg written soon after the Revolutionary war. He stated that a few evenings before he was sent for by his friend the Rev’ Mr. Warrington of that town, to see Miss Warrington, his daughter, who was seized with a fit of violent cramp colic and while he was there she was delivered of a child. That child was the son of Count Rochambeau, and was the Commodore Warrington that we all knew so well, and who was my father’s good friend.

Mama says that after Commodore Warrington had distinguished himself as a Navy officer Count Rochambeau wanted to acknowledge him but his son refused to have any thing to do with him.

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