Friday, April 11, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - November 18, 1861

Monday [November 18 1861]

Nannie Belle is still too sick for me to think of writing regularly in my diary. The scarlet fever is an epidemic here now. Many children are dying every day from it. I shall be so thankful if my little ewe lamb is spared.

The enemy still hold Port Royal harbour, the island and forts. They have made no attempts to go farther into the interior. Their object they say is to open several of the Southern ports in order that the Union men of the South may send their cotton abroad.

The British Steamer in which Messrs Mason and Slidell (our Commissioners to England and France) left Havanna was over hauled by a United States Man of War (Capt Wilkes) and the Commissioners and their secretaries carried to Fortress Monroe. English will have lost much of her old pride and arrogance if she submits to such an insult.

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