Thursday, April 3, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - November 2, 1861

Saturday 2 [November 1861]

[Illegible newspaper article] The President has issued a most eloquent proclamation.

Johnny did not succeed in getting up his artillery company. He is very anxious to join one of the batteries on the Potomac as private. Papa is opposed to it. Wants him to study in Will's office this winter, but J's heart is with the army. Papa thinks the duties as private will be too hard for him. The President says it is like grinding seed corn to allow such youths to enter the service.

We got a letter from Dick yesterday. Says he spent his wedding night (that was to be) on picket duty in the pine woods in a driving rain without fire or tent.

His camp bedstead is so cold that he has taken to mother earth and sleeps on the ground rolled up in a blanket with his feet to the fire. The whole regiment is up and about before day it is so cold and breakfast is over by sunrise.

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