Monday, April 21, 2008

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - January 16, 1862

Thursday [January 16, 1862]

Cousin John was not buried until yesterday evening. His family would keep him until then. The body was kept in our dining room (we have no parlour) and we took all our meals in the kitchen. The house is full of company and Papa confined to his sick room, so we have had a most uncomfortable time.

Certainly the Minors are a most eccentric people. Cousin Mary Blackford would have a few pleasant words to say to many of her old friends and acquaintances as she was following her brother’s coffin in and out of the church.

When we got to the ground cousin Lucius was the first one to jump into the grave, and help the coffin down and he would assist in shoveling in the earth.

I reckon we will have to move before long. Papa rented this house from cousin John and he boarded with us.

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