Saturday, March 19, 2011

Looking for Chandler

In the published version of Elizabeth Lindsay Lomax's diary there is a young man named Chandler (Mrs. Lomax does not give his last name). Chandler is courting Victoria Lomax and in fact proposes to her several times, only to be rejected.

Here is what I know about Chandler from the diary:

  • Chandler is living in Washington from at least 1854 to 1861.
  • December 22, 1854: Chandler is going to Philadelphia for the holidays to join his father, "who is our ambassador to Spain". (page 30) The US Ambassador to Spain at that time is Pierre Soule, but I can find no record of him having a son named Chandler or of any Chandler Soule.
  • April 6, 1858, page 85: Chandler is to attend Mrs. Senator Gwin's fancy dress ball on April 9, 1858 costumed as Sir Walter Raleigh. I have checked the NY Times article of 4-12-1858 about the ball, and neither Chandler nor Sir Walter Raleigh is mentioned.
  • July 1, 1858: Chandler is going to South America (page 88).
  • Entry for April 22, 1861, page 151: Chandler joined the Federal Army, commissioned as a 1st lieutenant.
  • Entry for June 19, 1862, page 200: Chandler was in the hospital in Fredericksburg severely wounded.
  • July 21, 1862, page 205: Chandler is still desperately ill.
  • August 2, 1862, page 206: implies that Chandler died. If he died in Fredericksburg, it is possible he is buried there in the National Cemetery. No person with the given name Chandler appears on the list of Union soldiers buried at the Fredericksburg National Cemetery.

Does anyone have any idea who this Chandler is?


John Hennessy said...

Carolyn: There was a Captain Robert Chandler who served on the staff of Union General Rufus King. I have not found any evidence that he was wounded...but he WAS in the Fredericksburg area that summer.
I'll dig a little more when I get the chance....

John Hennessy said...

A bit more from the register of civilians appointed to Federal service. I don't see any Lomax connections here, never know.

[Born in New York.— Appointed from Wueonsin.]

Military History.—Brigade Inspector of Wisconsin Volunteers, May to August, 1861. Captain and Assistant Adjutant-General U. S. Volunteers, August, 1861. With King's Brigade in the defences of Washington,. D. C, to October, 1862, and with King's Division, to August, 1862. Engaged at the battles of Fredericksburg, Rappahannock Station, Cedar Mountain, Groveton, second Bull Run, South Mountain, and Antietam. In the defences of Washington, D. C, to January, 1863. At Yorktown and Fairfax Court-House, Va., to October, 1863. Assistant Adjutant-General Department of Washington, 22d Corps, Haskin's Division, and Garrison of Washington, D. C, to May, 1866. Assistant Commissioner, District of Maryland and West Virginia, June to September, 1866. Brevet Major and Lieutenant-Colonel U. S. Volunteers, for faithful and meritorious services during the war. Captain 13th U. S. Infantry, July, 1867. At Fort Leavenworth, Kan., to February, 1867. Judge-Advocate Department of Missouri, November, 1867. Assistant Secretary of Civil Affairs for 5th Military District, New Orleans, La., to April, 1868. Acting Judge-Advocate Military Division of the Atlantic, Washington, D. C Brevet Major U. SArmy, for gallant and meritorious services at the battle of Antietam, Md_ At — from — to —

Vol. L—18

Carolyn Carpenter said...

Thanks John! I do so want to identify Chandler. Somehow he has caught my heartstrings.