Sunday, December 30, 2007

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - July 4, 1861

Fourth of July [1861]

Not a gun have I heard this morning. I hope our old national holidays will not be dropped by the Southern Confederacy.

Will returned from Richmond yesterday. Whether he got the appointment as Prize Agent, or whether he would accept it if it was offered to him, or what he did in Richmond I have not the most remote idea. I asked him to tell me where he went and what he did. He answered – "oh! I went every where" – and then told me that he had tomatoes for dinner and that Jourdan had a puppy for Nannie Belle. The rest he thought above my comprehension and reserved for some more fortunate male.

Every body gives me credit for more sense than my husband does.

Papa has gone to Norfolk, do not know what for. Cousin Jack has gone on secret service. Dick is here – is ordered to the mouth of the James river with Capt Hollins.
Tom has been sent for from Manassas to see Georgy. They fear that her mind is becoming affected. She rarely speaks and sits all day with a vacant gaze on her face.

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