Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - June 29, 1861

Saturday June 29th [1861]

Lieut Worden of the Yankee Navy is in jail in Mobile. He has applied to Papa to get him removed to Virginia and put upon parole. Papa asked General Lee about it, and said it would be particularly gratifying to him if it could be done, without detriment to the public weal. General Lee has no authority over him but thinks he ought to stay where he is. I reckon he is right. These Yankees are slippery people.

The people in town are taking the sick soldiers to their houses to nurse. Dr. Mason is very much opposed to it, but Dr. McClanahan lets some of them go. Some of the poor fellows beg most piteously to be taken away. Say they will die if they stay there. Uncle Brodie has one at his house. Mrs. Ashby (dressmaker) has four. The ladies have made her matron at the Hospital. We wanted to take one here, but cousin John thought the room over the kitchen was too hot for a sick man.

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