Saturday, December 22, 2007

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - June 26, 1861

Wednesday June 26th [1861]

Have been hard at work this week on the shirts for Mr. Hill. Six pairs of pantaloons, six jackets and eight shirts and havelocks all to be done in three days. I was in despair at first but the ladies are so kind and ready to help, every one that I asked took a part and the work now is comparatively easy. It will all be done by tomorrow.

There are upwards of one hundred and fifty soldiers in the hospital here.

The sick suffer a great deal for want of proper medical attendance and good nursing. Many of the soldiers are laid on the floor when brought there and are not touched or their cases looked into for twenty four hours. One or two died when no one was near them. They were found cold and stiff several hours afterwards. The other night at ten oclock when one of the ladies left there was not a soul in the house besides the sick men. Every one in town has been interested in them. Papa went last Sunday to see General Holmes about it. The General came over yesterday so I hope we will soon have an efficient Doctor and honest competent nurses.

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