Friday, December 14, 2007

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - June 14, 1861

Friday 14th [June 1861]

The fight was not at Newport News, but between Hampton and York. Our troops were in an entrenched camp and numbered twelve hundred. The enemy were thirty five hundred strong. The battle lasted from half past nine until one. The enemy were completely routed and driven back to Hampton, several of our cavalry companies pursuing them close to the town. Their men did not stand fir[e] at all. The celebrated New York fire zouves were the first to run. They acknowledge two hundred and fifty killed. it is thought there are many more. We had one man killed and not more than twenty wounded. Col Magruder commanded our forces and conducted the battle with the greatest bravery and ability. Mama says it shows how a man may change.

She used to know John Magruder when she was young. that he was the butt of all the girls. He was so stupid and conceited.

Several hours after the battle our forces retired to York. There are many thousand of the Federal troops at Fortress Munroe that might at any time be sent out and cut them off completely where they were.

Went to church yesterday and heard a sermon on patriotism. I fall far short of the mark of a true patriot. I am so selfish and narrow minded. Nanny puts me to the blush continually, she is so patriotic and unselfish.

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