Monday, December 24, 2007

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - June 28, 1861

Friday June 28th 1861

The secret party under Capt Lewis started down the Rappa[ha]nnock last night with five hundred of the Tennessee regiment who came from the Creek to join them. We heard to day that the boat is aground on the bar and they will not be able to get off before one o clock to day when the tide rises. I hope their scheme will not be defeated by the delay.

Mr. Hill and party have rented Citizen's Hall and are recruiting here. A party of twenty five live there, sleep on the benches and cook for themselves. I saw two huge iron pots one the pavement yesterday evening.

They want to raise an artillery company. Say they have the horses and guns ready for them in Richmond whenever they can raise the men. The two Hill's are very enthusiastic about it. Wanted me to come in and see their men eat supper. They pay all, or nearly all, the expenses I think.

Dick brought Sue Crutchfield down to tea last night.

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