Monday, December 17, 2007

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - June 19, 1861

Wednesday 19th [June 1861]

General Holmes was wrong. Harpers Ferry has been evacuated. Our troops are somewhere between there and Winchester.

Papa returned to Richmond Monday morning. He has a scheme to blow up the enemy vessels in the different rivers by submarine works of some kind. I do not know whether he will be able to carry it out. It is a great secret now.

Troops from Lynchburg and Richmond are being sent to Manassas every day. We look for the great battle there. God help us and give us the victory.

The fight at little Bethel church was more destructive to the enemy than was at first suspected. From the Northern papers we learn that at the roll call at Fortress Monroe there were upwards of a thousand missing. A few were on furlough.

Will received a very cordial letter from Judge Badger a few days ago welcoming him to the South and inviting him to his house in Raleigh. Will would like very much to go and only hesitates because of the expense but I suspect the temptation will prove too strong for him. He is invited to go with a party of gentlemen to see the batteries at Aquia Creek tomorrow, and to dine at Mr. William Little’s in Stafford. I am glad he is making some acquaintances here though time hangs much less heavy on his hands than I thought it would. He is more and more relieved each day that we have left Washington.

I have been busy for the last two days making a shirt for one of the soldiers.

Sue Crutchfield was to see us yesterday evening. She is not so pretty with her bonnet off.

Molly has a very devoted beau who comes very often and stays very late. But Johnny Scott will never do. he has a grandfather, two uncles and an aunt that are crazy!!!

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