Sunday, December 23, 2007

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - June 27, 1861

Thursday 27th [June 1861]

Great suffering and neglect at the hospital. Some of the soldiers are being removed to private houses. Some of the ladies here devote almost their whole time to the sick. Uncle Brodie is attending some of those who are at private houses.

I never saw anything like the spirit here. The women give up the greater part of their time either to nursing the sick or sewing for the soldiers. It is the same case through out the South.

Some of Papa’s secret schemes are to be carried out now I am sure. Dick, Bob Minor, cousin Jack and a number of sailors are here to report to Captain Lewis. Nobody knows where they are going, or what they are to do but I have a strong suspicion.

This is the time that Mr. Hill’s clothes were to be done and he has not brought me a single button or come to see anything about them. These suits are presents to the gentlemen that are with him.

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